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Hi there!

Just wanted to say how impressed and pleased I'm with the quality of your dogs. Although I didn't purchased my dog directly from you guys.

"I'm the second owner" I got him from the original owner when he was a year old and it has been a pleasure having and working with him. I'll definitely will be getting another one from you guys soon. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!!

Sal Barrera


Hi Nicolle,

My best wishes for you and the complete Kreative Kennels family,
It has been more then a year since we were in contact, when you send me Grievous. I just want you to know that he's doing tremendously well. We are super happy with him. He is 18 months old now and is changing from a naughty boy into a real man. Very protective of his family and property, but still lovely with us and my grand kids.

When walking him, he gets a lot of attention of everybody. I can brag around and say; I have the best German Shepherd on the whole island. And this because of you guys. So once more, thank you, thank you and thank you again. Kreative Kennels is the best.

During one of these days I will send you some pics and videos.

Regards and may God bless all of you.

E. Bishop and family


Hi Folks,

My Anker is now over 3. She is the finest bred, finest conformed and greatest dog that I have known. I have trained her in protection work (very easy to do), and my good friend who has started over 3 thousand sheep herding dogs has nearly finished her on sheep.

Anker is so gentle with children, my son with Downs Syndrome, and everyone who's not a threat. She is such a kind, intelligent and serious dog.

If I can ever help you in any way please contact me.
Bob S. DVM



My name is Scott. My wife and I purchased a puppy (Yadir) from you in 2008(?). He has been an unbelievably great dog. Sadly he is getting on in years and slowing down so we are looking for a puppy. We would like another dog like Yadir.

A little bit about the dog's life:

We live on a ranch and the dog gets miles and miles of exercise each day (+350 days per year. Yadir's intelligence is phenomenal and that is a huge plus for us. The dog helps me work the cattle so an athletic and agile dog is important. It will be a family companion, live in the house and be pampered more than most children. Yadir has the ability to be a big cuddly friend for my wife in the house and as soon as we step into the field he "flips the switch" and is all about work.

I wish we had it on video because most people don't believe it but Yadir stopped a +2,000 lb bull that was charging me by darting in and latching onto it's nose. He was trained very young to protect me from any animal that gets feisty and is unbelievable in his concentration and attention. Probably fairly typical characteristic in a German Shepard but still amazing to me.

You did great with Yadir and we are just hoping that he isn't a once in a lifetime dog.

As I read through the e-mail sounds like we are asking a lot ~ intelligent, athletic, agile, outgoing, docile family companion and strong protective instincts just trying to be specific and hoping for another Yadir.


Scott M.


Thanks for working with me and selling me the most beautiful and smartest dog I have ever owned! (Qing of Kreative) I love having him around me all the time. Now that I have retired, he is a good to have around. I will keep you posted with pics. along his journey with life.

Randy C.


Hello Mike,

Earl, nicknamed KIMBO, arrived home as scheduled and in perfect condition; but, oh my, he is A DOG AND A HALF!!! I am very, VERY impressed with this tiny giant!

Forgive me, but I had not disclosed to you that I already owned a four and a half months old german import female pup, with a pretty impressive pedigree on her own, with Fado vom Kartago and Troll Milinda among other famous dogs in it, a dog with pretty good drives and temperament, a very active pup with energy to burn. But I have attached a short video of Kimbo Jr. interacting with her, less than two hours after I had let them be together upon his arrival, and you can judge for yourself who is boss!!! I was skeptical, because I didn't want, and was not going to allow, my female to impose any kind of dominance over him; but I had to see! I presented Kimbo to her in my hands, and after just a few seconds and a couple of DON'T YOU DARE ABUSE HIM reprimands on my part, I let them loose in her yard. They ruffled and tumbled as Earl showed the unbreakable spirit of a giant, and the character and temper of a beast; what a TOUGH little creature: tail up, calm, collected, serious, VERY confident, and effectively (impressively) aggressive when he needed to. Unfazed by the challenge, he, with a happy go lucky attitude, and the temper lion, in a matter of minutes, became boss, to the point that I said to myself: oh boy, what have I gotten into!!! If the phrase, be careful what you wish for, ever had a meaning, I now understand it very well, lol.

Thank you very much for providing me with such marvel of genetics!

As I'd like to get the best out Earl and wouldn't want to make many mistakes with him, I am open, and would appreciate any criticism or suggestions that could help me and/or Earl. Thank you again.




Hi Mike,

I've been meaning to share a few videos of Bull. I personally think he has gotten better in his protection since I've gotten him. He's very consistent and it's about the only time you will see him truly wagging his tail. He's been unbelievable with my 2 year old daughter and doesn't mind playing dress up.



Hi Mike, hi Nicolle!

Kobe Hadley (Bix x Hafta) and I are having a blast as an IPO team! His tracking is super, obedience is happy and great for his age. We started our protection phase last week- waited till teething was complete, plus 2 months. So here is Kobe at 8 months!! Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoy Kobe! Best IPO puppy I have ever had, thank you so much for this sensational puppy!

Not only that, he is beautiful, and attracts attention and comments wherever we go! I think you should have kept him, but I'm sure glad you didn't!!

Thanks again!
D. Leslie
Bethany, Ontario, Canada


One more shot of Hadley from Kreative! We had just gone on to the protection field, waiting for the helper to appear. At 8 months, he is a force to be reckoned with! And is he ever good looking! Crazy food/prey/ball/tug drives. Thank you, Kreative, for an absolutely amazing pup! I have had offers to buy him already- HA!!

D. Leslie
Bethany, Ontario, Canada


Kreative Kennels,

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how Canine Miho is doing. He has officially been on the road with the Hidalgo County Sheriffs Office for a little over a month now as a Certified Narcotic Detector Dog. In the first week on patrol he assisted in taking 5 kilos of Cocaine and a tec-9 off the road. He has an amazing temperament and is an awesome detector dog. Keep up the good work guys.


Wanted to share some pictures. Bendix is doing great. He is settling right. Great with the dogs and cats. Not to sure about our pigs yet. Thanks so much for your help!



Quan is a very clear puppy and at 6 months old training with Beth Bradley, very smart, willing to please. Thanks for a great pup!

Lisa Miller


Hey guys!

I had some cute pictures of Piper (Jasti) that I thought you would like to see! She's full a spunk and personality - I call her "Mommy's Little Maniac" ha!

Her and Lennox (formerly Lupo) get along famously. We have a very happy and hairy household.

Have a great weekend!



Just want to drop you an email about Rema, what a perfect dog/match for my family! You hit this one out of the park! We are so very happy with her and again thank you and the guys for working with me. You really have this soldier's respect, thanks again Mike.



Hi friends at Kreative!

I have two pups from you, the most recent of which is Jasti, now Piper. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for yet another quality dog. She is unbelievably smart, has remarkably high drive, and is an athlete in every sense of the word. I mean, this dog could compete in everything from dock diving to fly ball to schutzund to obedience. She is so unwavering and fearless. She will go anywhere you tell her and ignore her surroundings. Her focus is so strong. The group we train with, Centennial working dogs, is so impressed by her, which only reaffirms my belief that you guys only produce the best pups. So thanks again for what you do. Because of it, our house will never go a day without
a kreative dog.

C. Ralmuto


Hi Mike,

Quick note to express my appreciation for the beautiful pup you sold me. her name is skylar. she was a year old on
12-26-2015. She is coming off her first heat. She is still a pup but one of the best dogs I have ever encountered. Very smart, high energy, fearless, aggressive, loyal and besides my wife Carla, she is the best friend i have ever had. The first week I had her after picking her up at your kennel, she killed a large adult possom and brought it to me outside the backyard door. I could not believe such a small pup had the courage and skill to kill such a formidable opponent. To me that said it all about the character of the pup. The next morning Ifound two large roof rats dead by her water bucket. She loves to chase humming birds, we have feeders in our backyard. one day she brought a live baby mocking bird in her mouth, who fell out of the nest, to Carla and put the baby bird down unharmed at her feet.

Again thank you. Keep in touch.

Forrest O. K.


Good day Mike!

I bought Zasha almost 2 years ago. She has been the most loyal dog I have ever known, and the most active. She had more prey drive than all the dogs in her IPO class. She is a truly a hard worker and she never gives up. She doesn't mind other dogs, but we are still working on staying calm around people, but we are making progress. I want to thank your organization for producing such amazing dogs. Many people are ruining the German shepherd breed but I'm glad that there are still breeders that breed true working line German Shepherds!



I hope this e-mail finds you well.

Several years ago in 2008 my husband and I visited from Edinburg,Texas. We were coming in search of a K9. My husband was going to be providing k9 services to the Hidalgo County Sheriffs Office. My husband saw several dogs but your dog Argo essentially picked him. I rarely in fact I've never seen an dog picks its owner but he did. Argo and My Husband Frank instantly created a great bond. Argo was known as one of the top K9's in the RGV. If a K9 was needed he was requested. In fact the Sheriff's office now purchases their K9's from you all.

Argo did so well was such a great officer and family member. In August he was found to have bone cancer. It was an aggressive cancer. Saturday he was put down he was suffering so much. All of the K9 were present the day of and since then have continued to pay tribute to Argo. Our hearts as a family our broken but we know it was for the best we saw his daily suffering.

I wanted to let you know about our wonderful Argo. Keep doing what you all do. This was hard for Frank but he loves what he does and will most likely be contacting you about a K9. Please keep an eye out for another Argo. I know Argo can never be replaced but his drive, determination to protect and serve can continue.

Frank and Argo seized an incredible amount of money and drugs throughout his entire life and made the world a safer place forus.

Josanna G.


Hello - an up date on Moxie

Moxie and I have been very busy. Moxie did great on the trip to Alaska.
She was very protective and traveled well. Once we got to Wasilla Moxie finally set in and realized we were home. I took her out for a walk and had a man approach us who appeared to be on drugs and Moxie was awesome: she did not allow him to get near me. We had a repair man shown up a day early and I heard a sound outside the house I let Moxie out .... She had the man pinned to the wall with out even touching him. I was able and am always able to call her off with no problem. She even chased off a moose.

Moxie has been such a wonderful companion and her training has stayed with her. She seems to love the cool weather. We go every where she even goes to work with me and shopping. I go to a firing range regularly and she has no problem with the gun fire, she does however wear protective ear wear and she has special booties for her feet when we go to extreme cold areas(60 below zero). Soon she will be traveling in a small plane for some more hunting and fishing adventures. Thank you sooooo much.

Deborah Allen and Moxie.


Good morning Mike and Nicolle,

Tanya and I wanted to send one more update on Jessi of Kreative (May 9 2013 J litter out of Itar and Zina). Lexi, as we call her, is now 2 years old, stands at 24" and is 78 pounds. She is the most laid-back and easy going GSD I have ever seen. While she LOVES bite work, and all work for the matter, she is just as happy going for a trial ride with the horses, accompanying us for lunch or dinner at a local dog friendly restaurant, or resting not he couch while we watch TV.

Unfortunately, my schedule will not allow completing her Schutzhund training, but she is well trained and a perfect ambassador for the breed.

We thought the attached photos tell the story well. Needless to say she is a part of the family and well loved.

Best wishes,
Baron and Tanya L.
Baronhof Ranch, Texas


Quisto at Gettysburg battle field

Quisto and I are doing well. We were in Gettysburg yesterday, we finally had some nice weather. Think of you guys often. Will call soon, Faida is doing well too I hope to breed her soon . Know I love Quisto and he loves me. I would love to come way out west to see everyone. Tell Joe I said hello and Nicole too!

Warm regards,
Michelle Parthemore


Dear Folks,

I've been remiss in not forwarding a photo of Maron of Kreative, born Dec. 15, 2013, known to us as Aksel. Please see attached.

We couldn't be happier with him, and are continuously receiving compliments on how beautiful he is.

Thanks again, take care,

Cindy M.
Placitas, NM


Hi Mike,

I've been meaning to email you forever. That Ruben is something else. He is so beautiful. And huge! Everything is worked out just great with the rest of the dogs and we love them so much I will definitely send pictures. You definitely breed beautiful dogs, and very smart. It's just whether or not he feels like listening at this point, he six months old. Thank you so much for allowing us to have another one of your awesome dogs. Just as I thought I would be, I am very impressed, Merrill is too. Thanks again hope you are doing well. I'll send pictures.




My name is Kaisa D. and I purchased a puppy from you in August. Her name was Albrie but we changed it to Raja. She has been a delight to have and we feel so lucky to have her in our lives. Raja and I have just recently completed our basic obedience classes and hope to move forward to personal protection lessons in the next couple of years. She is a very quick learner and is a joy to train with.

We get compliments just about everywhere we go on her perfect conformation and gorgeous colors. I would recommend anyone looking for a fun, strong, independent, loving dog to Kreative Kennels. I have attached a picture of Raja when we picked her up at the airport and a second picture of us just a few days ago.

Thank you
Kaisa D.


Dear Kreative Kennels,

I wanted to write and give you an update on Lando and to thank you for producing such excellent dogs.

We purchased Lando in 2009 and couldn't be happier! We had some growing pains at first but Lando has proved to be an exceptional member of the family. I am a single Mother of two boys and Lando continues to watch over them. He follows them outside and even to the neighbor's house. He is always on guard and will never allow anything to happen to them. Lando will lay in the front yard off leash and will never leave the yard. We live in a cul-de-sac and people walk their dogs in front of our house. Lando never moves a muscle as long as they do not come into the yard; he just lays there watching and alert as ever. When we are up on our farm in upstate NY, Lando follows my boys as the ride their quad all over the property. Lando follows them everywhere.

Everyone comments on his demeanor and knows he is not a "normal" dog. He is extremely obedient and my boys are able to walk him as he heals perfectly. What I find amusing is when we are out hiking in West Virginia, he is always off his leash but never goes too far ahead and constantly stops and conducts a head count to ensure we are all still there. He is amazing and even goes boating and canoeing with us.

I will say that he is an escape artist and does not like being alone. He opens doors and climbs fences so we had to invest in a Ray Allen K9 kennel as well as a collapsible kennel for the road. No other kennel can safely contain Lando.

It will be a very sad day when Lando passes but we will buy another dog from Kreative Kennels. Anyone who wants a true Family Protection K9 should purchase one from Kreative Kennels. We absolutely adore Lando as does everyone who meets him!

Thank you again for all you do and producing such excellent and beautiful animals!


Danielle S.


Hi Mike,

My name is Brittney O. I just wanted to say thank you so much for allowing us to take Hondo home. We got Hondo last summer and we couldn't be happier. He is the perfect addition to our family. My husband is in the Marines so he is always away. Hondo makes me feel at ease and I have grown to love him so much. The picture attached was from today. He had just received a bath!

Thank you!
The O's


Hi Mike,

I just wanted to get back to you from our visit on Wednesday.

First I wanted to say how impressed my Brother and I were with the facility - size, condition, etc. - it was amazing. Also, the staff were great - they were expecting us and had selected three dogs to view. They first gave us the background of each and all were close to what I was looking for, but each had their own personality.

I liked the way they allowed us to socialize with the dogs first and show us a little of the obedience training - they were all quite well behaved! Then they took us around to the training field and showed us how each did with the protection side of things. It was quite impressive to see how they could switch from being social to working and back - again very well trained.

The staff seemed to really enjoy what they were doing and were all happy to share their knowledge of the dogs and the training. There wasn't any question we had that they didn't answer well. They had a good time at what they were doing and were willing to joke around a little as well which my Brother and I both enjoyed.

All in all viewing and getting to know the dogs was an enjoyable experience and very informative.

I'm not sure what is the status of Ginger - I know you said someone else was looking at her as well, but out of the three - she was by far in my mind the best fit for my family and I.

I now need to work on my Wife! She is agreeable, somewhat to getting a dog, we have had them before for many years. But we have been without for about 10 years now and she needs to warm up to things. So that is my next challenge - getting her to agree to proceed. Like I said, even if she did say yes today, I still would not want to pick up the dog until late June - I want to get everything ready here and be sure I will be around and not traveling for some time. I also want to come back down for some training together with the dog after we have some bonding time.

So if you could let me know the status on Ginger, that would be great - if she is still available, I'll push a little harder with the Wife. If not, I'd like to keep looking for a dog close to her temperament. In fact, if Ginger is still available, I might like to bring my Wife down for a visit - I hate to ask again, but that would probably help.

Sorry to be a little undecided still, but this is a big change for us and I want the Wife to be comfortable with the Dog as well since right now it is just her and I and this will be a third member of the family and a big adjustment for both of us.

Thank you for letting us look at the dogs and I can't say enough about your facility and staff!

Please let me know about Ginger and we will go from there. It might not be fast in any case - I have to warn you - my Wife moves slow with change! But i would like to keep things moving as I can from this end.

Best Regards,


Nicolle & Mike

Just wanted to reach back out to y'all to let you guys know how much we LOVE our Baylee that we got from Kreative. She has been an amazing addition to our family who LOVES our kids and is become more protective as she matures.

She has been one of the smartest & sweetest natured dogs I've ever owned and she continually surprises our neighbors with her demeanor, intelligent and manners. She is just a pleasure to be around and we could not be happier.

We hope to come back soon and get another dog from you for protection. Until then... Thank you for providing such quality animals.

Jason & Karen Gray


Hi Kreative Kennels,

Please share this with your staff if you would like. I don’t know if I gave you all a formal thank you for our new addition to our family, Tank (Okal from Brando x Davey). My husband has always wanted a German shepherd puppy, and after four years and finally owning a house we decided it’s time to get one! My sister in law recommended you guys since she got a puppy from you as well (“Odis” (Dylan from Itar x Dipsy)). I first talked to Mike and he was very helpful at discussing the different litters and stud dogs. Shortly after I talked to Nicolle, and she helped us from there. She was very good to tell us what litter would be would be good for us, with temperament and certain coloring, etc. She was also great at getting back to us as far as pictures of our puppy and anything else we needed to know. We really appreciated that. Even after we got our little guy, she was very prompt to answer any other questions we have.

It’s been a little over a month since we receive Tank and I just wanted to let you know what a great dog he is. He is such a people person and loves to meet and see new people and is very sweet. I love coming home from my lunch break from work and being greeted with the “ears down” and kisses I get from him. I get so many compliments on what a handsome and beautiful dog he is all the time from people. I have also showed people the pictures of his parents Brando and Davey and they think they are just beautiful!

So again, thanks for such a great puppy and all your help finding us a German shepherd right for us, that we are excited to raise. We love him very much and he’s very spoiled and loves it! J If we ever want another German shepherd, you can guarantee we will be contacting you guys no doubt! Feel free to put this email in your “feedback” if you would like. And if anyone is reading this and is thinking about getting a puppy from them, I would tell you that after researching very well, they were the most professional breeder I came across and would definitely get a German shepherd from them if you are looking for one.

Anyways, thanks again. I will write again to update you on Tank “Okal” in the future so we can see the stud he will become. :) I included some pictures for you to see of him so far.

C. Crockett



A beautiful day in Central PA. Love my girls, they are truly incredible! (Dixie, Beauty and Halo of Kreative)

Debbie Todd


Hi Nicole,

I was just on your website trying to write a review on Tex (Poseidon), but I couldn't find a link to it ...anyway:

I purchased Poseidon (formerly Tex) just a little over a month ago from Kreative Kennels. I wanted a protective dog, but also a family dog. Poseidon is only 4 months old, but he is seriously amazing and intelligent already. He does not act like a typical puppy. He was great off leash since the first day I got him. He does not wag his tail and run to every person he sees. He is very alert and watches everyone around us.

The other day, two men came to my door and Poseidon came out the front door and positioned himself between me and the two men. He sat there like a statue and stared at them. When one of the men took a step closer, he began barking and growling. Today, I was at the beach with Poseidon and my 3 year old son, when a friend of mine startled me from behind and Poseidon went into attack mode. We thought it was so impressive, so my friend then took my son a few yards away...and pretended he was going to hurt him and Poseidon ran after him, barking and growling to protect my son. I am truly amazed at how he can tell, especially from such a far distance, that someone was trying to hurt my son.

He is very impressive at only 4 months old. He is exactly what I want out of a family companion. He still occasionally makes puppy mistakes, like chewing on my sock or having an accident on the floor...but when it comes to being a protector, he doesn't seem like a puppy at all. He is exactly what I wanted and I can't wait to see how incredible he will be when he is an adult. Thank again for my perfect match.



Hi Nicolle,

Please find attached a couple pictures of Scott and K-9 Extremist at Portsmouth Police Dept. NH . He is already working out well and has had successful tracks. So far his training is excellent all around and he is fitting in with the family perfect! We will keep you posted on any of his accolades as them come along which I’m sure he will have plenty.

We want to thank you for taking the time and effort with us to find such a great dog, he truly is a well balanced K-9. If you could clone Extremist, we would buy another one.

Hope all is well in California, New England has been quite snowy.



Thank You again,

Scott and Darlene


Hello Kreative Family,

I thought you guys might like an update on one of your dogs. Zoe (formerly Nissa of Vanesko x Mixa) turned a year old last month and we couldn't imagine her turning out to be a better dog. She is a sweetheart with the family, plays gently with small dogs, and is just starting to become the right kind of protective with strangers.

We want to thank you for what you do and for working with us in light of our previous dog's untimely passing. This small show of gratitude is far overdue: THANK YOU!

click on the picture to see ZOE's gallery

Here are a few pictures that show her progress from half-pint, to awkward tween, to beautiful young adult. Note how the markings around her eyes change and her perfect conformation.

Best Wishes,

Farhood & Jenn


Hi Kreative Kennels,

I've been meaning to send you guys a little note long before now. Sorry it has taken so long. Jessie is doing very well and we just love her! She is such a sweet girl. The kids love her, and she loves the kids. Here is a picture of our family with Jessie. Thank you, thank you, thank you! She has been a wonderful addition to our family.

Thanks again,
Amy Whitehurst


Mike & Ryan,

When my daughter Kelly is out at the ranch, it's nice to know someone is keeping an eye on her. This is just a quick note to let you know that Mako is doing well and has an uncanny ability to tell good from bad. It's truly a pleasure to have him as part of our family.

Best Regards
C. Hoppin


Good afternoon, Mike and Nicolle:

Tanya and I wanted to send an update on Jessi of Kreative (May 9 2013 J litter out of Itar and Zina). From the day she arrived at DFW, she has been an absolute sweetheart--easy to train, easy to travel with, and an all around ambassador of the breed. Jessi, now named Lexi is 7 months old today, stands 22.5" and weights 52 lbs., and is developing into one of the nicest GSDs I've owned or worked with. She has excellent confirmation, is extremely confident, is very friendly (especially to children), an excellent watch dog, has superb drives, is eager to work, loves to learn, and is generally proving to be a great family and ranch dog. No matter where we take her, and we take her everywhere, we/she receives multiple complements, comments, and questions.

We are slowly and carefully conducting her training and I think she has good potential for Schutzhund, personal protection, and search-and-rescue.

Tanya and I could not be more delighted with her, and we thank you for sending us such a great dog.

I've attached two recent photos. Thanks again and Happy Holidays to everyone at Kreative Kennels.



Baron and Tanya Lukas
Baronhof Ranch, TX


Nicolle and Mike,

I don't mean to bother you about a puppy you've already placed but I wanted you to know that this is the smartest, most readily trainable puppy I've ever seen, much less owned. She is alert and energetic and, as I've told Nicolle, has a very strong food drive. In less than a week, she has learned to respond to voice and hand signals to come and to sit at my feet and readily relieves herself within a minute after i take her outside. We're working on using the crate to teach her to let me know when she needs to go outside but that is a work in progress. The obedience training posts on your website from Joel Monroe and Michael Jen have been extremely helpful.

Thanks again for all your help and, most of all, for this wonderful puppy. She is already a member of the family.

Best regards,


Dear Mr. Osmundson,

Hello again. I wanted to put in writing to you and any whom may read this my sincerest gratitude to you and everyone else at Kreative Kennels. Just for those who were not privy to my numerous talks and emails back and forth.

I contacted you explaining what I was looking for in a personal protection dog, had to be a male and had to be beautiful and of course a German Shepherd. I assure all, that I contacted nearly every person out there who sells and trains PPD's. I found many unethical, not quite as honest and were charging enormous sums of money, usually for an inferior dog with inferior training and abilities. Many companies, kennels used glossy advertising, and were selling "pretty" German shepherds that were only able to do the "sport" end of protection, even those being imported from Germany. Beautiful dogs, high price tags on their collars and when the paws hit the pavement they would be no more able to truly protect me or my family than most other family pets! Sport protection work is not the same as real life, the dogs have to be able to work, know the difference and be discerning and effective. Most high line west German Shepherds as I was looking for and nearly everyone else being sold to the unknowing buyer does not have it! I was beginning to become dismayed, thinking my long dream and desire would not come to fruition.

After many months of reading, researching, educating myself I made a call to Mr. Osmundson (Mike). Our first conversation I found him so refreshing, so approachable, interesting and sincere. He listened to me tell my story and where I was coming from, what I was looking for and what I desired. I had my eyes on one beautiful dog he had posted, however, with his keen ability to listen effectively and he knowing the dogs and having an uncanny ability to match, he gently guided me towards another dog, but told me the decision is all mine. He explained his reasoning, he knew the history of this dog, whom he had lived with in Germany, his ease of control and his excellent obedience and impeccable manners. I took all he offered sincerely and began shifting gears towards this dog. Again, calling and speaking to him numerous times on the phone, sending email questions back and forth. After much thought and weighing the benefits I made my decision and purchased the dog that he recommended. I explained things to Mr. Osmondson that our home was not completed and it may be a few months until I was able to fly out and meet the dog. Well five months passed, and I made one of the most memorable and enjoyable trips I have taken. I spent four wonderful days training with one of the finest and dedicated trainers.

The trainers name was Joe and he is the trainer who trained my dog. He had his work cut out for him training me! This dog will always know more than I and be able to do more than I will ever be able to do with him. He is and was EVERYTHING Mr. Osmondson said he would be. Big, beautiful, easy to handle even for a beginner, extremely obedient and loves to please. The sincere dedication that not only I experienced with Mr. Osmondson was evident in each of the men whom I had the pleasure of spending time with, training with, laughing with and picking their minds about my dog, training, discipline etc. Dave, Ryan, Greg and Joe, THANK YOU for all you instilled in me and gave to my beautiful Executive trained high line west German Shepherd. It was truly four days of drills, they worked me hard, we began 7:30 am and usually didn't quit until noon! I will always smile thinking of my days in Turlock, California at Kreative Kennels. I assure any out there like me, not in law enforcement, just a mom, single woman looking for a friend with four paws that can and will protect when needed or called upon, Kreative Kennels has what you may need some day.They are truly honest, open and fun loving people. They really are a family. Thanks to them and their excellent dogs and training I feel that freedom and security is more mine now. I can go for walks anywhere alone with my dog, he goes everywhere in the car, he is always here and he gives me peace of mind and security sleeping alone and being in the home alone. I realize that most of Kreative Kennels business is for the serious work dog enthusiast and law enforcement, however, I believe there are and will be more single women like myself realizing what times we are living in and how vulnerable nearly every female is in their homes or on the streets.

I guess in closing I just want you to know how many people stop us, talk to us and ask questions all because I have this incredibly beautiful gentle giant by my side. He really is a sweetie, a big lap lover. Having him and many people just coming up to us, touching him, talking to him/me etc., has hopefully spun a more positive light on the breed so many consider "police dogs." He is that and so much more.

For Joe, Dave, Ryan, Greg, and Mr. Osmundson you know who I am and who I have, be assured I am forever grateful to each of you for what you have given me. We are all happy and settled he bonded with me immediately, he does not leave my side, goes everywhere with me and loves to go for walks. He loves me and I love him. He also loves my small children!

With much gratitude,

A single mom with a brood of terrific kids and one great German shepherd, compliments of Kreative Kennels



I just wanted to take a moment, and express to you my very sincere Thank You for sending Halo to our home. I don't know if I ever saw a happier puppy, she's absolutely delightful. I am very impressed with her intelligence at such an early age. It's amazing that at 11 weeks she already knew our usual bedtime , and would go upstairs to her bed by herself. We see her already playing head games with the other dogs. It will be interesting to see who ends up being the alpha dog. She is very beautiful, and has a gorgeous proud stance.

I have been researching German Shepherd Breeders for the last 10 years and could never find any that matched my criteria, and then I found you. I have great respect for your mission statement, professionalism, and above all integrity. You know, it's not easy to find the high standards that I see at Kreative Kennels . Love you guys, and I'm proud to own 3 of your girls!

Debbie Todd



I was having issues uploading these pictures onto your Facebook page, but I really wanted you to see what a stunning dog Seven (Nino x Angel, Argon N of Kreative) has become. To your credit, I have been told a couple of times that he is the type of dog that breeders strive to achieve! We couldn’t be any happier with him or Mason as well.

Thank you,
Suzan H.

click on the picture to see SEVEN's gallery


click on the picture to see SEVEN's gallery AS A PUPPY


Our experience with Kreative Kennels

Arriving at Kreative in Turlock, we met Greg (head trainer) and had previously spoken with Mike (the owner). We were given a tour of the facility and I was very impressed with the organization and overall care that was shown at this large facility. It became clear that this was more than a business; it is a passion for the performance and the breed of working line German Shepherd dog. We couldn’t be more pleased and satisfied with our newest K9 addition to our family pack.

In November my wife began research to add specific requirements to our next pack member. Those requirements were to find a working dog that was agile, intelligent, service trainable, driven to protect if necessary and be an all around family dog. We currently have an older Rottweiler that the new member was to join.

Our search ended with Kreative Kennels and a beautiful, alert and highly driven sable female german shepherd they called Vi. We were able to view and select from several of the same litter and after some observation it was clear that Vi was highly alert, driven and tenacious. She was it and we took her home.

Vi was renamed Rue and she has began her life with us beyond our expectations, exhibiting extreme intelligence and curiosity without the destructive behavior we had experienced with previous pups. She house trained in one week and learned some basic obedience very quickly. Our time limitations to have her excel were our greatest obstacle to Rue’s ability to learn and perform. So, for this reason and wanting to have Rue both home protection and disabled service dog trained we brought her back to Kreative for board and train to achieve our goal and develop Rue into a true working dog and fulfilling her high capability.

As I am approaching retirement, my wife and I plan to take off in our 46 foot sailboat with Rue as a crew member whom will handle the security aboard. She will be trained by Greg of Kreative to search and hold as part of her duties aboard. The staff at Kreative is personable and very willing to talk and educate on all things german shepherd dog. We appreciate you Mike, Greg and Myra as well as the staff that services and produces an excellent line.

We thank you for our Rue. We are anxiously awaiting her return. Look for more updates to come.

Stephen & Teresa Trummell
Folsom, California & Sailing Vessel Serenade 
Stephen Trummell



Let me take this opportunity to thank you once again for providing our sheriff's office two outstanding working dogs. Indy and Herby have been a valuable asset to our agency. Due to our location being so close to the Mexican border, narcotic smuggling is a real plauge to our communities. Having these two dogs on the street has already proven to be a wise investment. Once again you and your staff have out done yourselves. I have attached some photos of narcotics which both dogs have assisted in taking off the street. Both dogs made these seizures within their first 2 weeks on the road. Thank you once again Mike. Thank your staff for us and continue to do what you guys do best which is providing law enforcement real working dogs.

Javier Solis Jr
Head K9 Trainer/Coordinator
Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office


Mike & Nicolle,

My name is Eric Sergi a former customer of yours. I was looking at your website and saw that you still have a picture of Wayne under the file “Sold Dog Archive” then “Sold To The Public”.

Wayne is number 83 from the bottom. I felt compelled to write you this letter and attach some picture of Wayne so you can see how he has become a big part of our family.

I first looked into purchasing a guard dog due to the fact that our home was burglarized. I travel out of the country for work and was in need of the peace of mind that a home protection K9 could offer. An alarm system is good but won’t provide the protection from a home invasion or break-ins. It still takes time for help to arrive.

We live in an upscale golf course community in East Orlando Florida “Eastwood”. For six months our neighborhood was plagued with break-ins. Most of the time it was what police called “crimes of opportunity”. Then it turned very serious one Christmas for our neighborhood.

My neighbor owns a jewelry store in Waterford Lakes Florida. He was followed home one night by four men and his family was tied-up at gun point. He was forced to drive back to the store leaving two of the criminals behind with his wife and children. They were all let go without any serious physical harm but it could have gone differently for him and his family. Again, there was only little physical harm but the mental harm was much more damaging. His wife could never return to their home and he had to sell it in one of the worst housing market ever. Insurances can’t cover all things!

I have to admit that I had some hesitation in purchasing a guard dog. The home invasions helped to solidify that this was the protection and peace of mind that I was in need of. I have been a dog owner my whole life. The dogs I had were either homeless or I adopted them from the pound. My wife only had small dogs growing up and was uneasy to have a large attack dog in our home. I never owned a trained K9 and was also a little nervous about having a dog like that around my family. Sherry was also three months pregnant and we had heard horror stories about attack dogs.

I am the type of person that does a lot of research before making a decision. I interviewed a lot of your competition and found that your company wasn’t just trying to make a sale but wanted to find out our needs. Your staff got to know us and ask all the right questions. Your company was more concerned with placing the right dog in our home and with my family.

Even after the sale, I would call with questions from time-to-time and your staff would always help me. Your company is one of the most professional companies I have the pleasure of doing business with. You found us the right dog to fit our needs and with that, he become a big part of our family. Sherry and I “now” understand the difference between an ‘attack dog’ and a well-trained home protection K9 from your company. Wayne made us feel safe and gave us a lot of love. He was never aggressive to our friends or family members and was just a great dog.

Our little girl Katie was born on June 4, 2010 and has always looked at Wayne as her big brother. Her first word was Wayne.

click on the picture to see WAYNE's gallery

They have never been apart and he protected her better than I could have ever hoped for. Wayne passed away on April 7, 2013 at 1:47am. He played with Katie in the yard all day as Sherry and I did yard work. It was a great afternoon. I took Wayne out for his 11:00pm walk and noticed his stomach was three times its normal size. I call a emergency veterinarian and he said to bring him right over. He informed me that his stomach may have turned and he could be in the need of emergency surgery. When I got Wayne there, they stabilized him and thought he would be fine if they operated immediately. When they opened him up, 70% of him stomach muscle were already dead. The doctor stated that he would be unable to save Wayne. The final cause of death was cardiac arrest due to the fact that when they unturned his stomach, it released toxins into his blood stream and stopped his heart.

My brother passed away in 2004. The pain I feel today is no different then when I lost my brother. I can’t believe the loss of Wayne would affect me this way but I guess that’s what happens when you lose your best friend.

The reason for this letter is to thank you for bringing Wayne into our lives. I do have one request. Could you update your website under the file “Sold Dog Archive” then “Sold To The Public” and put a little information about Wayne. I noticed there was no information about Wayne and wanted people to know how wonderful he was. While Wayne had only a short life, it was a great life and filled with lots of love...

Wayne was a big part of our family and we were very proud to have him as a part of it. He will be missed…..

Thank you Kreative Kennels and your staff for everything

Eric Sergi
Fern Park FL


Mike & Nicolle,

Baylee has made a successful transition from Kreative Kennels to being an official Texan!!

She was exactly as you said and is exactly what we were looking for. She is so sweet and loving with the kids yet extremely attached to Jason and I already. She is always near or following one of us and eager for praise and direction which we love!

She had an unbelievable first night! No whining or whimpering which was a wonderful surprise!!!! And the best part of all - no accidents in the house - (extra thank you for that one!!)

We couldn't be happier with our purchase from Kreative and we look forward to many happy years and memories with our Baylee.

Thank you for providing our family with an amazing animal and placing us with the perfect pet.

With our heartfelt thanks and appreciation,
Jason & Karen G.


Mike, Nicolle and Greg:

Just an update on Hockey. He is about 90 pounds, looking beautiful and doing exceptionally well. After 8 months now, he is with me most days at my office. He has been outstanding in every way and continues to amaze me. I did leave him with Melonie one day and when I came home, she said Hockey has been carrying in the groceries for me. Sure enough, he had been carrying articles of groceries from the car to the kitchen, and then she stepped him up to whole bags! She told him to do it and he just did it! I had not thought of it. Since then, I realized I really need to remember not to treat him like an ordinary dog. Now I tell him to “carry” and he gets the paper and carries it into the house. Tell him “office” and he goes on into my office without me. tell him “car” and he goes and gets in and stays there until another command, tell him “potty” and he does his business, tell him again and he will try again and just look at me like “Dad, I really don’t need to but will try anyway!”

Sometimes I just call his name, and depending on where we are and what our surroundings, his response may be to wait until after I have his attention for a second command, or to come to me for a hug! He stays pretty much at my feet during the day at the office and around time to go home, reminds me its time, and turns into play mode! If I am slow to get out of bed in the morning, he is up on the bed with his big paw on my chest or his long snoze wedged under my arm until I get up. So much for needing an alarm clock! IF I leave him at home with Melonie, he will be at the door waiting for my return. The greeting when I get home is quite welcoming!

Mike, this is our third dog from Kreative for the family, and each time you have lead us absolutely in the right direction with a dog. Each time I have given you a laundry list (you may say ad nauseum) of traits, attributes, temperaments, etc. and each time you went to work to find me a perfect fit. I did not think I could ever replace Goody with a dog that could be as amazing. Well, Hockey has been quite a find. It would not be possible to love him more than Goody, but I don’t love him any less either! I have come to realize that the biggest limitation with Hockey is me. I need to remember that he absolutely loves to learn new things and does so with great ease.

One good story for you— On the flight home from San Francisco, the family in front of us had a 3 year old boy and a new born baby, so they had their hands plenty full. During the 5 hour flight, periodically I would sense that Hockey was enjoying a random dropped Cheerio from the 3 year old sitting in front of us. After the flight, as we were leaving, the father looked back and saw Hockey’s big black head and started pointing at him and belly laughing. After a bit, he caught his breath and said “this whole trip, my 3 year old has been telling me “Daddy, there is an animal under my seat” , to which he would repeatedly reply “No son, there is NO animal under your seat!! ”. That son may never have confidence in his father again!

Thanks again Mike. You and your team have again performed admirably.

Best regards,

Paul Norris




Hi Mike,

We apologize for the delay in writing. Selena, Moli and myself have been traveling for the past several months. I want to take time to commend you and praise the individual and business person you are.

We have had many conversations leading up to purchasing our dog, many after and always you have been a gentleman and straight with us. Your knowledge of the breed has helped educate us and allows us to properly care for our new family member. (Moli is no longer a dog but our princess)

Moli has been a joy, very even temperament, protective when need be and all around perfect fit for our family. She loves watching movies with the kids on the lounge, walks on the leash and rides in the car wonderfully.

Honestly there is not one complaint that can be brought up. You and your staff fulfilled every request we had, made the transition a breeze for new ownership and supplied us with all the details to care for Moil properly.

I attached some photos of Moli at the Waldorf Astoria and Crowne Plazza on one leg of our trip. As you can see she is vibrant, healthy spoiled rotten but mostly happy in her new home.

Thank you again sincerely for all of your assistance, fitting us with a perfect addition to our family and importantly for treating us fairly, honestly and being compassionate to our needs.

Very best regards

Joe, Selena and Moli Z



Just thought you would like to know that we put a brevet on one of your puppies. Very nice dog and bites very well. :) My wife Lori was the handler. We have been training him for about a year. He has very strong nerves and plenty of drive. Congrats on producing a nice dog!!!



Wade Morrell



Just wanted to drop you a note and say how happy we are with Zuca. She has fitted right in with us, she is a very big part of our family now. As you said she would, she has expanded her ZONE of protection around the home, and the once birds and squirrels that got a free ride in the front yard is no more. She is on guard whenever she is with one of us, and seems to have a 6th sense about people - some of them she just won't let near us, others she keeps an eye on.

Her health is excellent she is maintaining 90 to 92 lbs, her coat is shinny all the time and has endless energy for a walk or run anytime.

Hope you family is well, maybe someday we will get her a friend.

Thank you again,

Wade & Gigi Peebles, LOS GATOS, CA



Well yesterday I took Aziz to a local trainer to see how he reacts when in protection mode. I can honestly say you guys have done a phenomenal job with his training. I have never been around a dog like him. He gets a long with our family members and to see him turn the switch to being our protector is just amazing. In fact, the trainer said, I don't know how much you paid for him but it wasn't enough. Just do me a favor, don't raise the price for our next shepherd.

I wanted to ask you if Aziz has any another training types for advancement in Schutzhund. For instance, like searching and etc. Watching Aziz, it looks like he has a lot of potential and I don't want to short change him. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thank you so much for this experience. Our last shepherd, was very close to me and I can say without any reservations I will have a similar bond with Aziz as well.

Ryan D. Horsey
Vice President of Fixed Operations
Parkview RV Center


Hi Mike, Greg, Dave & Weun,

Clemens is doing really well, he is pretty well adjusted to the house and has learned how to open the door to my office. He has become very attached to Gabby and will listen to her when I am not around. Everyday I can see how much more protective he becomes, especially on walks. He has scared quite a few people with just his stare.

I am not sure who I asked this but I asked if you thought Clemens would be interested in the pool for a swim. Well here's the scoop on the pool, last Sunday the girls were playing in the pool. Laughing and splashing, well this made Clemens really worried especially when they would go under the water. He jumped in twice after Gabby, I know he was shocked the first time to discover that he was completely wet. But he would follow on the outside of the pool watching them to make sure they were ok. I am glad to know he's watching as well and that he won't take a dip just for fun.

The doggie introductions were completely stressful for me. Gus was interested in Clemens, but Molly did not like Him. I am sure it's because he sniffed for too long.

Clemens is the hands down the best all around dog. He is a gentleman at the office and is turning into a ladies man. With that being said, I worked late the last two Fridays, when our neighbors are the busiest. Their side of the building is shaded in the afternoon so I walk Clemens down there to stay cool. It has been very beneficial for our office. Less people are parking in our spaces and they generally stay in their cars until Clemens and I have passed. He stares at them with his serious face and watches them even after they are behind us. This is a nice touch, I know he naturally does that but it my book it's the icing.

I could go on, but you already know what an obedient dog he is.

Best regards,

Sarah F.



Just a bit of humor , last night my husband asked me if I think Kreative Kennels ever has any dumb dogs , because he sure is tired of this one out smarting him . On the serious side, Dixie
is beautiful ,smart ,athletic and brave .I never stop being amazed with her and her abilities.
Love her to pieces.

Debbie Todd



Just a little note to let you know how well Trey is doing. I am so pleased with him! It has been fun watching him learn about new things, from a black trash bag on the ground to walking by a semi truck. He doesn't run from it, just stretches to smell it with my encouragement.

I wanted to say a special thank you to everyone I met the day I came up. I loved being in my element and didn't want to leave! Please let Joe know how much I love Trey and we go out everyday. Also tell John I wear my KK sweatshirt everyday and thank him again for that.

I appreciated all the time and understanding from Nichole and for staying with getting my Rabies tag for Trey.

I continue to check your website and hope maybe to add to my clan with a female pup someday. I am also very excited to start next month with my friend k9 trainer down hear who works the police dogs and get Trey back to some work! I think he misses it because he wants to chase a lot of things. At least he not going after my poms when they play. I think my black & tan girl has a crush on him. She likes to give him kisses and paw at his nose.

Dottie, Ca


Kreative Staff,

I searched all over the country for a breeder that could help pair me with a German Shepherd. I saw the Kreative Kennels website and liked what I saw, from the main staff training 'Schutzhund' skills to Nicolle socializing the dogs. I saw that you had a system based on philosophy, and I respected that. I called and spoke with Mike about the sort of dog I was looking for. I needed a specific set of traits to fit my lifestyle and family. Mike suggested that I check out Walter of Kreative.

A week later I picked Walter up from the airport. Walter (I spell it Walther, like the gun) was an instant hit. This is the most incredible dog I have ever met. Walther was calm, reliable, predictable, and exceptionally easy to train. He exhibited exactly the guarding traits I needed (alert, deter, posture) and he stepped up to guard my wife while I was on my first deployment. At 4am one morning while I was in Afghanistan, a man tried to bang in the door while my wife was home alone. Walther went into land-shark mode and bolted to the door with his unmistakable warning bark. The man decided he didn't want to meet the teeth inside the house -- he never bothered her again. Most of the time though, he was a lover, and his dominating physical characteristics meant that his very presence was an effective deterrent.

The thing that really stood out to me though, was that Walther was scary-smart. He understood whole phrase commands that no one ever taught him, like "Go find a rabbit!" as we walked through a field. He just intuitively understood what I needed and was motivated by a winning combination of pack-drive and prey-drive. I can't teach a dog to be "smart," I had to start with a good baseline, and that is what you get from a high-quality breeder/trainer.

Unfortunately, I outlived my dog this week. Even in his final hours, he was dutifully guarding the door to my bedroom. Walther was magnificent and I will never replace him, but I was so pleased with my Kreative dog (and friends of mine with Kreative dogs are so pleased) that I plan to get my next rock-star dog from Kreative.

Thank you guys. Seriously, and in the most heartfelt way I can express, you paired me with exactly the right dog for me at the time. Thank you.

-James N.
Clovis, NM

The picture was taken by Meg Haney, a really awesome photographer.


Hi Nicolle,

The pups are doing great, and are exactly as you described!

Holly (call name "Jazz") has been going home with Danny and his family and he LOVES her... scary obsessed loves her. Already shows amazing home protection characteristics. Looks like she is going to double as his personal dog.

Orick (call name "Ru") goes home with my trainer Nate. So both pups spend the later part of the day around children. This pup will let us work him all day. Just incredible.

During the day at the kennel we have them on a schedule of obedience, bite building, and tracking (in wooded areas). Also, they play with the clients' dogs in the program and get thrown in the pup socialization class on the weekend.

We may use Orick to try to start a police K9 program in our city (Peekskill) if he continues to excel so may start him on Narc detection soon. Can go any direction with this boy really. Whatever his destiny we will be sure not to waste his talent. Exactly what we wanted in both.

I will be sure to send you some vids of them as they start to mature and give you progress reports.

I hope all is well there!




Hi Nicolle,

I just wanted to say thanks for the advice on Izak. I took him to the vet and she confirmend the same thing you said. He is now taking some anti-inflamitory's and is doing great.

Izak is doing awesome! Take a look at him in action during training, *see attached pic's* He is only 5 months old in the pictures and all ready on the puppy sleeve! He has an extremely high drive and we love it! We appreciate all your help and love our Kreative pup.


Hi Mike,

Kuma ( Hector) and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and may this New Year bring you as much happiness as you have brought both of us.

Thank you for bringing Kuma and I together. He is the best friend I have ever had! He has turned into quite a protector and a great watch dog. He never leaves my side.. I am so blessed .. Thank you!

Blessings to you and your family...
Forever Grateful,
Lisa St.John


Hi Mike,

Some news about Cobra (Greco of Kreative - Atrax x Fanta). He is too good. We donated him and working with Brewster PD to replace their deceased dog. Already an incredible tracker. Working on his narc work now. Never trained such a natural before. Great for PR (very friendly), nerves of steel, will work all day. K9-1 and the community of Brewster, NY thanks you for your expertise in producing amazing dogs!

Michael D'Abruzzo
Westchester, New Yor


Hi Nicolle,

Thank you for getting the AKC form signed. It has been sent in. Uzi just finished her 7th week of training today. She is still a handful but is catching on. We have had no second thoughts. Thought you might find interesting some of the descriptions that have been used for her so far: "athletic", "high octane", "alpha female" and "one dog in a thousand". That is in addition to the numerous people who comment on her beauty. The individual who is training her I guess has been doing this for about fifteen years. He said if we ever wanted to get rid of her (we don't) he would take her in a minute. He also said he needed to know more about your kennel so I gave him your website. His personal dog is a German Shepherd.

Another thing; Ginny, my wife, just had her first children's book published last week. If you are the least bit curious her website is

Wynn Sparks


Hi Mike,

I thought I would send you a couple of pics of the pup I purchased from you in January 2009. I know him as Rafe, you know him as Yadir. Sire: Vanesko Vom Salztalblick, Dam: Yessy Anrebri. Of course he is now 3 years old, healthy and happy still living here in Challis Idaho.

He has developed and grown into a very strong and compitant cow dog out in our field by using hand signals and eye contact to direct him where needed. He is able to freeze any given cow with his eyes. I'm working with him now building his vocabulary and protection skills. My husband Scott has been in Canada so it has been Rafe and I alone here at the house. He knows his boundaries around the place extremely well, and protects them without fail. He also prides himself on always keeping me in his sights and by my side.

He is so strong yet so loving all at the same time, We have been inseperable for the last three years and I love him very much, thank you for him. I know he would have made an outstanding police dog, but I am thankful every day that he is here with me. He is truly my very best friend.

Thank You,

Linda Montelius


Hi Nicolle,

The pups did make it to us safe. Anders has been staying with my family and has hit the floor running, doing great in puppy socialization class and with my two little boys, wife, little terrier, and cats. I am more than happy with his temperament. I have lots planned for him as far as training.

Danny can't stop raving about Greco. I will see them today and we'll waste no time getting the most out of that little ball of drive. We are trainers so we will throw them into the repetoir here while bringing them home to our families.

Thank you for the excellent job you have done on these pups. We are estatic!




I just wanted to say thank-you once again for working with me to identify the perfect dog for me. It has been another year since I last emailed. Goody is continuing to be the most unbelievable dog I have ever had (and I have had several, including 3 other shepherds). I never had even considered buying a trained dog. Now I seriously doubt I will ever buy any dog but a trained dog. He is by my side at all times when I am close by him. I have never had a smarter dog in my life. It seems that he knows my thinking.
A truly amazing dog and family protector.

That said, he did precisely what you told me he would as he grew accustomed to our home. Once a worker came in the house unannounced. Sorry for the worker, I thought I was going to have to clean up the floor where he was standing. Goody was right at him and would not let him twitch a muscle until I came in. He is still the most sociable dog in the park and at our triathlons. Always seems relaxed unless something unusual is worth noting close to me. Kids love him as do other pets. He wakes me at the same time every day with a ball. If I don’t get up, he is on me licking my face until I get going. What a dog.

Lastly, I just bought an office condo that I can have him with me during the day as I wish. If it sounds overboard, I assure you Mr Goody is worth it!

Thanks again Mike, and I trust you and all your dogs are doing well.

Paul Norris

PS. Jason’s “Domino” is doing great too. Two winners!



I just wanted to thank you again for "Hector". I have changed his name to Kuma, hope you don't mind. He responds better to that name. He never leaves my side and BARKS! He actually scares people… The delivery people are frightened to come up to the gate. He charges and barks! THANK YOU!!!

He goes with me everywhere and now loves HIS TRUCK. He is very suspicious of strangers. Everyone thinks he is beautiful and wants to pet him but he will not allow anyone within 3 feet of us unless I say it is okay. He will stand in front of me and growl very low.

I was shocked however to find how many people are hesitant to approach me with him. I am so used to people just coming up and petting my dogs ... not with this guy!

He is the love of life! He started puppy class last week. He did great! He is very brave... He also loves the water! We go hiking often up by the river. He gets along so well with all my guys including my cat.

He is PERFECT!!!

I just can't thank you enough… I feel so safe with him in my life…

God Bless you!!

Please use my email and if there is anything else you need let me know.... I am so grateful!!

The trainer and Mike take the time to really match the right dog for each person. After speaking with Mike on the phone and explaining to him my needs and what I was looking for he spoke with the trainers and found me the PERFECT dog. He was not trying to just sell me a dog. He found me the right dog. This is rare in a greed driven World of Kennels who just sell dogs. They really care and take the time to get to know the people and have a wonderful understanding of their dogs.

They found my perfect match...

I highly recommend Kreative Kennels...

Thank you so much!




Giula (aka Nika) is perfect. She got here with no problems, in fact got here three hours early. She has already become a member of the family. She even loves our cat. Well thanks for the puppy. We have attached a photo for you to use on your website, if you wish to.

Thanks again, John

P.S. the cats not very happy


Dear Mike and Nicolle,

I just wanted to send this letter saying "Thanks" for sending Majik to me. I remember calling and talking to Mike about the kind of dog I wanted. He thought that Majik was that dog if I really wanted: a dog that had high drives and would chase anything and everything that I threw. I told him that was correct.

Sticks, stones, balls, pipes and toys are just some of the things that she catches and brings back to me. She is a blast! Majik is exactly the dog I wanted. I found out that "you get what you pay for". She is very protective of our home, too. Thank you, Nicolle for the wonderful job you did with the shipping.

Penny Beckajm, Mobile, Al. Phone 251-401-3161



Just wanted to thank you for our wonderful dog, Sammi. She is one of yours born Sept 28, 2009. Her mother and all the pups had names starting with the letter Z. We live in New Hampshire. Sammi currently weighs 69 pounds. She is smart as a whip, loves to play ball or frisbee, and is currently in an advanced obedience class and does awsome without even trying. My husband John just loves his dog (and so do I). The bottom photo was at a horse show in late spring so she is about 8 months old. The top one is of her tubing with John in August (so about 11 months old).

Thank you!

Margaret Monachelli,D.V.M.


Dear Kreative Kennel Staff,

Our sheriff is very pleased with both K9 Cody and Endy. Both dogs have obtained their national narcotic certificatiion and have been working our streets for 3 weeks. In that short time both dogs have seized over 1000 pounds of marihuana and K9 Cody has a felony apprehension. I would like to extend a big thank you for making my job easier as a trainer. The foundation training which your staff implemented made it very easy to transition both dogs to actual street applications. Keep up your great work in bringing back to law enforcement the true working german shepherd breed.


Javier Solis Jr.
Head K9 Trainer
Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office


Hi Kreative Kennels!

We adopted Shakira back in April and thought you might like an update. Shakira goes by the name Elsa Mae at home now. She is beautiful, smart and full of energy. She is even more than I had hoped for in a companion dog. She goes to obedience and agility training about three times a week and is turning out to be the superstar at the canine center. Everyone is amazed at her drive and energy and we can't wait to see what she will be like in another year when she can start going over the higher jumps (they only let her jump 8 inches so far because of her growth plates).

She LOVES tunnels, chutes, teeter-totters, and dog walks. She is a sweetheart and a great family dog. Her personality is wonderful. I can't say enough good things about her!!! People stop me in the streets to ask where I got her and I always tell them how they can find your website and to not worry about getting a puppy they haven't seen through your kennel.

Attached are a couple of pictures of our Elsa / your Shakira. If you ever breed her parents together again and get another long-hair puppy, let me know. I keep watching your website for one...

Thanks so much for raising such an impressive line of dogs.
Penny Murphy


Hey Mike,

Just a note to let you know that Lord is our personal protection ranch dog now. He has a 46 acre run of his own. He's beautiful, healthy and happy. Him and our female, guard the entire ranch. They are so smart. Lord knows I don't want him running-off the deer so he sits and watches intensely. If we get an alarm bark in the middle of the night, the minute we come out of the house with the rifle, him and our female both become quiet as a mouse and watch for our cue. It's so great to own intellegent, perceptive canines.

These dogs are so smart, they know sport from danger and react appropriately. They know when to be quiet and when to raise hell without any training. We have only allowed him to sire one litter since we've had him and most of those pups went to friends and family. My daughter received one of his black male pups and she has him so spoiled that you have to remind him at times he's still a dog. I feel so much better knowing she has him by her side since she lives far away. We get many compliments on Lord and I direct them to your website.

Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family.
When we appreciate Lord, we appreciate Kreative Kennels.

Annie Nelson


Hi Mike,

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the little girl. I havent weighed her in a while but she is beautiful. Absolutely a pleasure to look at and watch move. Her teeth are perfect, just needed a little wiggling. She is a machine when it comes to playing, and extremely quick learner. Needless to say she has no bad behaviors and is sooooo sweet. We cant thank you enough. I will send pictures as soon as I can get a good one of her. I hope you can meet her some day. I think you would have been pleased to have kept her, but I am so thankful we have her. I'll keep you informed as she grows.

Thank you!

Walkin' The Dog - Merrill and Marisa Lahman
Avon, CO


Kreative Kennels,

My name is Brian and my wife and I became the proud owners of Zaro, a.k.a Niko, from the Zoran/Zuca litter in July 2009. I'm not sure how I came across your website but I am sure glad I did. I had been searching for a GSD for months and didn't want to settle for a backyard breeder. I called and spoke to Mike for at least half an hour about what type of dog I was looking for and what I wanted to get out of the dog. He gave me a detailed description of Zaro and what he expected him to turn out like. From the night we picked him up at the airport, Zaro has been nothing less then impressive. He took to us and house training immediatly with only two accidents in the house to date. He is very easy to handle and takes to training very well.

Zaro has become increasingly more protective of the house and my wife and I. Even while playing at the park he does not let us out of his sight. Prior to finding Kreative Kennels, I had never heard of the raw food diet. Nicolle sent us a link and plenty of info on the diet and it's benefits. We have continued the raw food diet and I can honestly say I will never feed a dog commercial dog food again. We have received so many compliments on how good our dog looks and I think the raw food diet has alot to do with that. I must admit, I was a little uneasy about purchasing a dog from the other side of the country that I had not met in person and only saw pictures of online. After talking to Mike and Nicolle I knew that Kreative Kennels was no joke. Zaro has been all and more then what Mike described to me over the phone and has been an examlpe of Kreative's dedication to the German Shepherd breed. If your looking for a REAL german shepherd dog, Kreative Kennels is the place to go.

New York


Hi Nicolle,

Akira arrived without any difficulties whatsoever, and appears in mint condition. We are so very pleased with her wit, charm, and vitality. She is people friendly and we want to keep her that way. She accepted Benefual puppy chow without hesitation. Last night she slept in her crate beside my bed and did not awake until 6:30 this am,at which time she wanted to go out and pee. She has whined a total of three times and was taken out without accident. To date we have played every puppy games imaginableMy granddaughter from Morgantown accompied me to Charlotte. My granddaughter and her fiance have entertained her since 9am this morning. It amazing how fast she is learning her name and simple comands. We love her dearly already! And you may use us as a reference resource in case there are others like myself who are leary of paying a high dollar figure for a shepherd site unseen. Thanks again! Delightfully Yours,
Margaret B


TO: The staff from Kreative Kennels

I am writing to give you an update report on Luger (from the Ajax / Yessi litter). He is now 6 months old and weighs in at an impressive 73lbs. Luger has a great prey drive and loves to conquer any challenge.

I have attached a video, taken today, of Luger playing with his Schutzhund obedience trainer and a soft sleeve. This is Luger's first time ever with a bite sleeve and it was all kept very playful with no stress on the dog to perform. The Trainer, Larry Nava of Tri-State K-9, is a decorated schutzhund trainer with 25 years of training dogs. The trainer pulled out a burlack sack and Luger instantly wanted to bite and play with it, then when the sleeve was brought out he quickly took a full bite and refused to let go.

Luger is a great Dog that is very quick to learn. He has a great personality and loves everyone, while still having an edge of dominance. He has all the characteristics of great working dog, and is a tribute to the Quality of animals being produced by the staff at Kreative Kennels. I will keep you up to date on his progress and will send more pics as he grows up and trains. Wish us luck on his obedience training and I'll keep you posted.

Brad and Kelly


From the Tahoe Daily Tribune

Second K-9 unit joins South Lake Tahoe police

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — The newest member of the South Lake Tahoe Police Department is a two-year-old from the Czech Republic. Argo, a German Shepherd, became the second police dog in the department on Feb. 15 when officers picked him up from Kreative Kennels in Turlock, Calif. The new police dog, with handler Mark Hounsell, joins the department's Belgian Malinois, Duke, and Officer Tony Broadfoot in the department's K-9 unit. Argo's arrival is the culmination of efforts by Hounsell, Broadfoot and Sgt. Josh Adler, who formed the South Lake Tahoe Police Canine Association two years ago to support the department's K-9 unit. The non-profit organization raised $4,500 through community donations and canine trials during the past two summers. The remaining $8,000 needed to pay for Argo, his training and equipment was paid for by criminal assets seized by police.

With the addition, South Lake Tahoe police will have access to a dog seven days a week, something officers feel will benefit South Shore residents. While selecting a police dog is not an exact science, when members of the canine association saw the dog in Turlock, they immediately agreed he was the right choice. Believe it or not, there is a lot of personality involved in it,” Broadfoot said. Hounsell has faced the business end of police dogs for the past 15 years as a decoy and said he's excited to move to the handler position. He's been brushing up on Argo's first language.

“I've been speaking more Czech than I have been English lately,” Hounsell said with a laugh. Although the German Shepherd has already received some training, he'll will still need to go through an additional 4 to 6 weeks of Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training certification with Hounsell before beginning work on the street. Argo will start off focused on searching and suspect apprehension, but will eventually be trained in narcotics, Adler said.

Click here for original document





Hi Nicolle,

I hope you and your family are doing well! We've been doing training with Wyatt for Schutzhund and he is of course a natural. He still possesses all the bones or all the toys he wants and will keep Ruger away from them...just like when he was 8 weeks old. Here are some photos of our training session a couple of weeks ago. He is a great dog (Charis/Yaskia if you didn't remember the litter). It is so funny but his personality when I picked him at 4 1/2 weeks is the EXACT same as it is now. He is so funny, loves his people, loves to be with us, but also independent. Loves to play...LOVES his food (he was the puppy in the middle of the food dish when I visited)...

Anyhow, I just wanted to send you an update. He is 6 months old now. He weighs about 60 lbs. I still have him on the raw food/home made diet. He is smart and easy to train. We have a West German Show line breeder that is in our Schutzhund group and she said she wouldn't hesitate to breed any of her show line bitches to Wyatt. She really likes his angles.

Take Care,

German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd puppy



Good Day Mike,

In just a few words, I wanted to let you know that I was delighted to visit your praiseworthy facilities. Thank you for the opportunity you have provided for me to visit the legacy of your hard labor. I also want to thank your son for the grand tour he gave me and for the thoughtfulness he exudes. As an overall experience, I was impressed with all of the dogs, including all of the puppies as they all looked absolutely beautiful and displayed a healthy amount of drive.

Most definitely, I was impressed with everything I have seen on your premises. By the same token, I grew up on the eastern European Block where I worked extensively with lots of different working dogs. I have a vast experience with German Shepherds; especially those from the Czech Republic . While working with these dogs Iove acquired a lot of knowledge, expertise and perspective that can only come from experience. As such, I grew up always learning new tricks of the trade and I grew close to these dogs. Without a doubt I grew to love these dogs; they are intelligent, amazing and beautiful. However, the fruits of your labor seem to have a static display of applied love and dedication in action towards one of my lifelong passions.

My main reason for this email is to congratulate you on all the accomplishments I¢ve seen while touring at your enterprises. I want you to know that I very much support the love people have for German Shepherds. Furthermore, the way I see it; all of your dedication, diligent work and sacrifices you invest right now, most definitely will reflect perhaps twenty or thirty years into the future. I know for a fact, there are not too many people involved and dedicated to the extent that Iove seen while I was visiting your facilities.

P.S. Being a foreigner in this country I have a good laugh seeing American people getting "turn on" on import dogs not realizing that they can get the same dogs or many times better (for less) from a local facility like yours.

Best regards

Vali Chelaru



The Folsom Police K9 Unit Welcomes K9 Ramon…

In March 2009, after the retirement of K9 Jerry, we welcomed K9 Ramon to the Folsom Police K9 Unit. Ramon is a three year old German Shepherd that came to us from Kreative Kennels in Turlock, CA. Ramon is an incredibly good natured dog, as well as being very social. Ramon has quickly become a part of our family.

Ramon took to training immediately. Ramon was patrol certified and hit the streets in April 2009. Ramon is trained in tracking, article/building/area searching and criminal apprehension. In September 2009 Ramon completed his training and certification for narcotics detection.

Original document



Hi Kreative Kennel,

I just wanted to email you a picture of two dogs that I had purchased from you about a year and a half ago. Zeus and Zader have grown up to be beautiful and very loyal companions. I just wanted to thank you and to show you they are doing well. Please open up the picture using Window Picture. Thanks again.

German Shepherd dogs

Robert Zamora

Chula Vista, CA




Here is a picture of “Dust” . We call him Zeke. He is doing great and is turning out to be everything I had hoped for. Thanks and happy New Year.

Fred Jordan

Camarillo CA

German Shepherd puppy



Esmeralda County uses K-9s

The Esmeralda County Sheriff's Office recently started a K-9 dog program, according to Sheriff Ken Elgan. Two shepherds were recently purchased from Kreative Kennels in Turlock, Calif. Both dogs are training in narcotics detection with the help of the Nye County Sheriff's Office.

According to Elgan, there has been a significant increase in drug and money trafficking on Highway 95; this is due to narcotics interdiction teams working the main interstates throughout the country. Traffickers are now accessing the secondary highways in the hope they will not be detected. Highway 95 is a major artery for travel north to south. Recently the Nye County Sheriff's Office, with the use of a narcotics K-9, seized more than $750,000 in the Beatty area. They have seized over $650,00 in the Tonopah area from motorists passing through. The kicker in all this is that money goes directly to the sheriff's office for use in narcotics enforcement. This means the sheriff can use the money to buy equipment such as vehicles, radars, ballistic vests for officers or any other equipment related to drug enforcement, saving the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Nevada law also gives the sheriff the authority to give a portion of the money to the school district at the end of the fiscal year. The two dogs purchased, Vader and Nurmo, are doing outstanding work in a short period, according to Master Trainer Bill Stark of the Nye County Sheriff's Office. Elgan said Vader, an all-black Shepherd handled by Dep. Tony Phillips, has already recovered marijuana located in the center console of a vehicle. Nurmo, who is handled by Sgt. Scott Johnson, is ready to work as well. Elgan said, "We have high hopes for this program and will be aggressively working to remove narcotics and money derived through sales off our streets."

Original document



Hello Nicolle,

I just wanted to share what Bella was up to in her first week with us. Take care and Merry Xmas!

Roland Ortega

German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd dogs




Thanks again for seeing us yesterday. I wanted to make sure you guys found Aramis. I left him in the blue kennel with the lead on top. Didn't know what large kennel he belonged to, hopefully you guys found him.

Speaking of Aramis, depending on what happens with our unit Lieutenant, Aramis is who I am leaning toward. Of course, I keep going back and forth with Sarran.

My team was very impressed with your kennel and everyone working there. Very impressed. Hopefully Phil Divinigracia comes out today and takes a puppy off your hands!

Be in touch soon.

Thanks again,
Jess Perryman



Hey guys!

We finally made it to Colorado after a looooong road trip where Rumo behaved himself admirably. We actually sedated him the first two days, Andy was so nervous that we had killed him because about 20 minutes after he took his first pill he could hardly walk and was dragging his paws across the floor; we had to carry him to the car! Poor little guy was probably like "Guys, is this car the rest of my life now??" He's settling in quite nicely and is enjoying the snow and the freedom out here. He's VERY vocal and speaks up whenever he is frustrated, bored, or if we stay in bed too long. As you can see, he's darkened up a TON and is a spitting image of Charis. He's still a mellow guy and sharp as well. We're teaching him to sit by the door when we get back from a walk and lift up his paws so we can wipe them clean! How did his siblings turn out? Any standout pups? Keep me posted!

Hope everything is great,


German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd puppy



Hi Mike,

Farkas Vom Saltzablick is about to be a dad! We absolutely love him so much. He is a great dog. I was just looking through your pics of him. He loves his toys so much. It is hilarious to watch him drop it into my husbands lap and sit there and stare at it so intense. I attached a picture of him.

Storm our female is due any day. We had our visit to the vet a week ago and she has at least 9 pups. I hope they will be as loving as our dogs. Just wanted to give you that update and to say Thank you again for the sweetest most playful dogs I have ever had. The second picture is of Storm. She is also black.

Tammy Fox ;-)

German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd puppy




I just wanted to check in and let you know how things were going with Master Goody. We have had him about 2.5 months now. He is precisely what you described him to be and is working out extremely well. Going to the park, kids come up to pet him and he welcomes it. Most strangers are no problem either- however there have been a few instances where rather suspicious folks came close to us and he immediately went into a growl to alert us. We agreed with him! He does appear to sense potential danger, or even just things that are very different or out of the ordinary. Once we say "its ok Goody" he is fine (though once he watched intently until the man was out of sight, which was good with me).

We are walking/running 3-5 miles per day sometimes more. He loves it as he is able to visit with several of the neighbor's dogs along the way. He has only shown aggression to dogs once he has had it shown to him first. Even with that, he is obedient and wanting to please me.

Once I get home, he does not want to leave sight of me. Wherever I am, I can count on being within sight of Goody (even in the shower, he opens the door just to be reassured I am in there).

He figures things out (he now opens the door and lets himself in) and enjoys waking me in the morning to two big paws on my chest and a big good morning lick signaling it is time for us to go for our walk.

FYI, he has added about 10 lbs (now 83 lbs) and looks beautiful. Folks have stopped their cars on the street just to take a better look at him. He really is a great dog and I am most grateful that we took your recommendation. I am having a blast with him. Best dog (and we have had 5) I have ever had!

Thought you would enjoy hearing about him. Next time I get some pictures, I will forward a few your way!

Paul Norris



Hi Nicole,

I just thought I would let you know that Echo is doing great! He absolutely loves the cold and snow we have up here in Chicago and just went to his first puppy class yesterday. He is already very good with basic commands (sit, stay, down, etc.) and can even heal on a lead already!

I attached some recent pics i took of him yesterday.


German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd puppy



Dear Mike And Nicolle,

Just wanted to get back to you and thank you again for this wonderful puppy. Farah is amazingly smart and absolutely loving with the sweetest disposition I could have ever wanted. Her pedigree was impressive enough but the reality of this beautiful pup far surpasses any expectations I had.
Much of the credit for her outstanding personality, I know is due to her care and the attention you must have showered on her from the beginning. She arrived in pristine condition from California and has been a joy every moment since.
I also wanted to thank you for all your kindness and courtesy. You made working through this purchase, without actually being able to visit, a very easy process.
Thank you both again for this lovely pup and the graciousness you extended.

* I would certainly recommend anyone looking for a GSD to check out Kreative Kennels. I did and was totally blown away with my pup.

With sincere thanks
Linda Skidmore


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