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page updated: 13th
of October 2017
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V, Brando von der Lordschaft (SCHH3, RPD3, Police K-9) .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . .. . .Xuxa of Kreative (RPD3)

Xuxa had 6 puppies on September 25th. Click on the photo for high resolution.

Brando is a big, tall, blocky headed dog with a beautiful dark sable color with excellent confirmation.
He has earned a AD, BH and SchH-3 title in Germany and also a V rating. His scores were very high
in all phases of the title. More could be said but everyone has already heard the story as
Brando is known the World over as a great dog.

Xuxa is a very good female for confirmation, working ability and companionship.
Her sire is Enzo, her mothers sire is Wasco and her mother was from Ajax and all of them were
former stud dogs from our kennel were widely known as top of the line, tough police type dogs.
Xuxa is very easy to handle but with a protective nature about her.

The pups should have great confirmation and the color should be a very dark sable.
We would believe they would be great family companions with protection instincts.
They are due 9-28-17 and are priced at $3,500 each delivered to your nearest large airport.
The offspring from this mating will be free from DM and qualify for the CBP (Clear by Parentage) status by OFA


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V, Apoll von der frischen Brise (IPO3, SCHH3, RPD3) .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . .. . .Qoral of Kreative (RPD3)

Qoral had 3 puppies on September 28th.

Apoll is our stud dog that squired World wide fame so we needn't say more!

Qoral is also a very stunning female with outstanding working drives and confirmation.
She is a great example of a great working dog that can protect while being a great family friend and companion.
Her father, Kimbo, is fast becoming one of the best stud dogs we have ever owned or used, bar none!
He sires pups that have plenty of drive, confidence to no end along with intelligence. We have saved back several daughters for our breeding program.Qoral's mother is Candy and she is a very tall female with great confirmation.
Her drives are very good and she can live with anyone and protect them without being a nuisance.

We expect dark sable pups that will be a blessing to a family needing a friend, protector and companion.
They are priced at $3,500 each delivered to your nearest large airport and are due on the 7th of October.
The offspring from this mating will be free from DM and qualify for the CBP (Clear by Parentage) status by OFA.


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V, Vandor von der Lietewiese (SCHH3, IPO3 (LGA), FH2, RPD3) .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . Targa Aritar Bastet (ZVV1, RPD3)

Vandor von der Lietewiese is a great example of a great working dog. He carries very high scores in his SchH-3 titles in National and Regional competition in Germany. He also has earned the titles that most dogs can't earn, the FH1 and FH2. In earning the titles he posted very high scores of 98 and 100. Very high scores are very hard to achieve with a dog as hard and protective as Vandor.He is a very strong dog, very powerfull and he also has already very good progeny. The dog is still very healthy and could be shown in next year's competitions. Vandor is not a dog for beginners because he is aggressive towards strangers and is very, very serious. Vandor also earned the "V" rating, which very few dogs earn. His list of great things continues with his extremely low hip and elbow rating of ZW-70.

Targa is a highly driven female that can work non-stop if needed. She has amazing speed and agility along with great size and confirmation. She comes from a great family that has many World titles and famous dogs in it.

We expect dark sables, bi-colors and blacks from this litter.
They should be great for any purpose including family companions with protection.
They are $3,500 including the shipping. They are due on 10/20/17.
The sire and dam have been tested and the puppies from this litter will not develop DM


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V, Apoll von der frischen Brise (IPO3, SCHH3, RPD3) .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . .. . Xaint of Kreative (RPD3)

Apoll is our World famous stud dog that has sired many wonderful dogs that have went into working homes
as companions with protection, earned top Sch scores and have become police dogs as well.
He makes pups that can be put into any area and they are successful.

Xaint is pictured here at 3 1/2 years of age with near perfect confirmation and color for a feisty female.
She is one of the best looking females we have ever produced. She is also a great working dog that has
real protection skills and that all important "on/off" switch.
Xaint is from Enzo, who is an extremely hard, tough police K-9 dog that will bite for real, sleeve not needed.
We used him to add the hardness and confidence in certain female lines and for the production of police type dogs.
Her mother, Victoria is a daughter of another tough, hard police k-9 dog that is a stud dog of ours, too.
He is Wasco and he sires very good offspring that have super confidence and excellent confirmation.
Victoria is a large female with excellent confirmation as well as great working skills.

The pups should be great for any purpose needed.
They will be sables and are priced at $4,000 each including the shipping within the USA. They are due on 10/22/17.
The offspring from this mating will be free from DM and qualify for the CBP (Clear by Parentage) status by OFA.


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V Vello von der Prinzenbrücke (IPO3, RPD3) .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . .. . .Filly of Kreative (RPD3)

V Vello von der Prinzenbrücke is a "one of a kind" stud dog that has a very high prey drive with the ability
to shut it off when not working. He is normal/normal in his hips and elbows with a very low HD-ZW 73!
He has earned his SCHH-2 with very respectable scores of 96-89-96 along with his BH title.
He is a very top dog in the sport world with World Class abilities.
Vello is very much a linebred dog tracing to Etzel vom Stadtfeld , three times up close in his pedigree and also linebred to Hera vom Stadtfeld, three times close up, too.We are planning to use Vello on our daughters of Kimbo, Apoll, Carlo and Brando to produce the kind of working dog that looks good and can work anywhere, where needed.

Filly is from our world famous Fanja vom Salztalblick family. As a breeder we are very excited at
how exceptional her litter has turned out. Not that we didn't anticipate good working dogs,
we are simply proud that they are exceptional!
Filly is a very high drive female that has natural protective instincts. She comes from that "golden cross",
a Nino from a Vanesko, which also has a nice touch of line breeding. All of her litter mates were very
good with high drives and they also had natural protection skills as does her mother, Feary.

This will be a great litter of pups and could be one of our best of the year.
Great pups for confirmation and working ability are expected with the "on and off" switch built in
so they can lay down after a hard days work and relax. The pups are priced at $4,500 each
with shipping to your nearest large airport within the continental USA. Due on 10/26/17.
They are due on the 15th of September and are priced at $3,750 each, including the shipping charges.


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Qrec vom Gleisdreieck (BH, RPD3) .. . .. . . . ... . SG, Pagi vom alten Grieshof (SCHH1, RPD2)

Qrec is a solid DDR bred dog that is very traditional in his looks and working style.
He has a very high defensive drive and protection skill set. He is a tough and hard police type dog
that will protect his owner with his life. He is much darker sable and better looking in real life than in his pictures.

Pagi is a great working female that will protect her family or their home.
She has a pedigree that is loaded withtop German dogs that have earned many of the world's
highest awards for working dogs. Pagi has near perfect size and coloration to go with her top working ability.
She has a very good hip rating and is DM free.

The pups of this mating are going to be very good police type dogs with dark sable colors
and the ability to shut it off when needed. They are due on 10/27/17 and are priced at $3,250 each.
The offspring from this mating will be free from DM and qualify for the CBP (Clear by Parentage) status by OFA.


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